The GlobalNet and DATAIX results of 2019
The number of participants connecting to the network continues to grow. By the end of 2019, 405 ASN from 26 countries are already connected to us. In comparison with 2018 the peak network load has increased by 7% and has reached 3 Tb/sec. 
By the end of the year total number of customer designated ports was 3076. 
Number of 100 Gb/sec ports are 303 now. It is 22,7% more than in 2018!
We saw strong growth in total capacity of the customers ports – 59431 Gb/sec. Number of IPv4 prefixes – 40726, IPv6 prefixes – 2052 (has grown by 20% in 2019 year). 
In 2019, we organized an important event for participants of telecom industry - GlobalNet Telecom Day St. Petersburg 2019. The conference was attended by more than 350 managers and technical experts from the largest telecom operators (опционально: of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova and Kazakhstan), data centers, content generators, business and industry media.